Issues That Prevent a “Fair Game”

Kamini at ABC stopBy Kamini Kandica Abdool

In every game there are rules to follow. They are important because they help form boundaries to guide a game or tournament to be fair. A fair game is the expectation of every one and proportionately, the best chance that everyone has to win.

Obviously, I will be using for my example video games but in any instance of any game can relate to the same basic reasons can stop or prohibit a fair game. Some popular issues that affect a fair game are drugs, gambling, and giving up the moves (game plays).

Illegal Moves – Are all those moves a part of the game?  Especially in video games, many antics are made up to make the game more exciting than the real game and at times they include moves that cannot partake in the real version of the game.

Example 1: Double jump up air kicks are exhibitions moves for soccer and show up in FC13 but are not allowed in the real game.

Example 2: Racing games also have mixed in many exhibition moves but NASCAR regulation states that car should stay grounded on all four wheels throughout the entire race.

Exhibition moves, when used in regular game scenarios are considered illegal.  As a matter of fact, this goes unknown many times athlete’s that play video games tend to use such moves and get fined, pulled, benched, or deregulated for their actions. In all fairness, the rules say that those moves are unfair, so they should stay out of the game, thus fair game takes place.

On Purpose Fouling – Very sensitive game moves are “Ball” in Baseball; “Foul” in Basketball; and “Hug” in Football.  hey are all very classy moves but all is misused or done purposefully outside of regulations, disrupts a chance for fair game.  For that reason, those are moves that are very stringently regulated by officials to stop misbehavior and keep in play a fair game.

Harrassment – A big deal to everyone is when harassment throws the game.  Haggling, an exaggerated form of cheering can get out of line and stop the game.  Haggling is illegal, is present at gaming stadium and is usually okay, but it not regulated cheering.  A mild form of haggling can be like “boooo….” but an extreme form can be like cursing.

This happens not  just in the stands but online as well, in video game forums, where it seems difficult to regulate but can easily be stopped with a simple request or a click of the “Report” button.

When someone harasses someone on behalf of another, it can stop the game and the team responsible can be fined and penalized and so can the offender. Whether it be online or in the stands a fair game is important and unfairness should be reported.

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Business Continuity Means Better Data Management

Photo0388F By Kamini Kandica Abdool

Business continuity is an important part of business but has shown a reasonable amount of importance in the IT sector as of recent.  The plan to globalize IT and its securities appropriately form the basis for IT business continuity yet it depends of the resolution of many issues that continuously multiple at a high rate.  Ie data.

A big dilemna in IT that disables business continuity and abruptly stops the activities of industry many times is management of data. So much is available, including the data retrieved, the data needed and the data provided, yet it is difficult to manage and keep tidy (numerous meanings here for tidy – virus free, findable, appropriate and correctly archived public, private, confidential and personal documents.) Reasoning at best would have thought about that you thought but might have missed the opportunity to do so at the time.

Luckily, times have changed.

This be the reason that data management is such a concern and initiative.  In an attempt to provide a solution to manage Symantec, Trend Micro, Microsoft have come up with better hardware and software to help manage and distribute better data in a more organized manner.

Examples are Virtual VMware, a means to save big data without hard drive problems, overheating or bad disks. Symantec Data Insight 4.0 that helps to organize and use normally unused or hard to find data within a company’s infrastructure.  Microsoft’s Cloud technology is a solution that offers a secure option for virtual storage and management.

This allows for data – a fundamental variable in business, policies, and security, to provide better business continuity – safety, security, and better manageability.

Data and management overall, presents a better opportunity for business continuity because, it is the necessity. With proper management of data, transitions occur faster, better, and more understandable. Data, with the values it provides even as one vast database, with proper management with solutions as VMware, Data Insight and various Cloud solutions can create a system that provides a model not just for business continuity but for security and exchange as well.

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Rules and Regulations for Games – Compliance Check


By Kamini Kandica Abdool

It is thought that all games have the same rules and regulations but they don’t.  In the same way that soccer and football have rules that are different, video games and its sporting equivalents have slightly different rules as well.

Strange to think I know because the video is a mimic of the real game it is thought but not so.  Very different and where?  The tricks, the moves, the times, and the hustles.

I read recently of 4 instances where players became ineligible and cause their teams to forfeit or be suspended from FIFA and wondered why?  What changed?  Why so many illegal moves in a game with so much integrity and skill.

Stranger things have happened but one reason can be the movement of players plays from the field to video games.  Video games change something for the game and the players – The Rules – how and why?

1. Video games are sometimes made  to cater to the gamer not the player.  The games setup to be simpler than the real game because the gamer, not the league or the player is in charge. This changes the rules somewhat because a line of symmetry bends, it opens up a venue for change, a way to make things a little different, a way to change the rules they say but I say—– bend, a way to bend the rules.

Going back to the game on the field with bent rules can sometimes be the reasons for mistakes that go unnoticed, or violations that occur.

Games to pay attention to:  FIFA 13, FIFA13, PES 2013. Why because players may play they  games as they are leagues recognized and commissioned.  There, in the video game, they might find excitement or recognize changes that take back to the field – but it may or may but be according to standard.

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The Game On – Hot Press

kamini in NY monday 60913 By Kamini Kandica Abdool

Hot Press Games in the market.  Disney is coming out with “THe Lone Ranger” and its supposed to be the top marketable one but it came with a notice that bothered me.  The Rating……

E10+ Cartoon violence as a rating.  Not exactly.  Disney Matured and so did the rating! Hey, maybe that should be the rating.  (For More Info and to share opinion contact the ESRB).

Another game module that is about to come out is PS4.  That’s great but I’m not too enthused.  Do you have to quote cliches when you blog.  I want to use one but I’m scared I might mess up my integrity.

I’m not enthused because the release changed another thing unexpectedly.  The boundaries that persist.  Exciting that there are new boundaries that new to be explored but these boundaries are not the ones that worry me.  As a matter of fact, right now I worried about the gaming network, technology, and components of the games themselves.

New games are coming out and changes are being made to the system that helps to monitor and control the requirements of gaming but right now I feel as if the are still finding a spot for the little more violent game by adding a new rating or upgrading a new level to the game station and offering it a little push to move up instead on on with the general population of end users.  For many reason. one being gaming addictions, the upgrades of games and gaming station should be an important discussion between parents and their kids.

Cyber safety is important and reducing the hazardous effects of entertainments offers better cyber safety.

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People Hack Interactive Technology

IMG_20130927_130057By Kamini Kandica Abdool

Lately, the world of Interactive Technology has seen many hacking attacks and attempts to attack Interactive media.  Cameras, phones, movies, and especially video games.

The opportunity is for this type of hacking opened up in 2003 with the invent of TV tuner cards that connected computers and TV together.  The first up in technology to connect to the Internet, TV opening up a window for hackers o reach the technology and media of TV.

Some of the reasons are to speed up the system, steal information, menace, and upgrades. Like viruses, update files also have a means to enter systems and cause problems, the same way they enter, they tend to leave, except, they take with them system ID’s and other information that may be important to the end-user.

Many overclocking sites have tips on how to speed up a computer, and one is to upgrade the chipset driver, a simple hacking technique. Many times however, hackers illegal ones also attempt.  They use the driver file or BiOS update to download a virus or a file to keep the access windows open.  These actions affect the system software and hardware is the way that TV was hacked by a computer.


Another interactive technology that was hacked and is still being hacked is radio.  Ever heard of satellite radio?  Satellite radio started off as a hacking piece of hardware specifically put together to reach out and retrieve (in the beginning illegally) radio data and footage. Now a Sirius company exclusive product, was once the way that hackers stole information.

What starts of as a joke or menace, sometimes end up in unique opportunities in technology as with Sirius radio, but many times, the actions of hacking are more than menacing, they can cause harm, loss of information and are actions that are subject to jail time if caught.

Sirius is one example of hacking producing something cool but another with much more serious consequences is the recent current event of Alaskan middle school students who used a phishing scam to hack their own computers with an admin password released by a teacher.  The consequences have not been determined as yet but definitely if found guilty, these teens could face jail time as well as have to pay fines.  This joke, became a menace and then menacing causing damage to school property not to mention egos and integrity.

Another thing to know is that these crimes are ones that cannot be expunged from records because they affect multiple users across wide platforms and the consequences as termed such actions based on the number of those affected. Please report all hacking attempts that are illegal and know to you.  Calling the police puts you on the right side rather than the wrong and will be a more gainful experience for you than joining those that are menacing.


Harper, Michael; 18 Alaskan Teens Use Phishing Scam to Hack School System;; May 3, 2013.

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Football Video Games in Forum

kamini-0042 By Kamini Kandica Abdool

Video games are great especially sports ones that are in the season.  Speaking of which, the all time fave….  football and the best way to play they say is in forum.

ESPN scoreboard and other sites have brought up Fantasy Football into the height and now expanding on the same theme, other games have been encouraging forum play and interaction.  Nintendo, is one of the pioneers here with Cyberball and NFL Rush.

Now you can play Cyberball online or download a full version for PC from (Disclaimer: This article does not sponsor the but is referencing the information there for the purpose of this discussion – kka)

Entertainment that’s interesting and fun, these games are the ones from my index that I found the best and most thought provoking games. (re:Index of Football Video Games)  Touchdown American Football was simple too and they all gave a skill rather than just a past-time game.  They helped to keep the player in touch with the game itself and gave familiarity with the rules of the game as well as opportunity to better skill through interaction with the game.


Touchdown American Football 
Touchdown1 Uses up and down arrow buttons for movement forward and side to side.  Fairly easy to use and requires no plug and play devices, solely for the computer and online, with parental supervision of course. To add to the benefit , this games is on a site that offers a forum, this is a great tool for parents who may want to do some investigations on the game or the site.


football forum

These are great games to engage with to start your travel into both online games and football.  In the future it might even rear you into a true and great fantasy football player if  you don’t make it to the NFL. 🙂

As great as it is playing games online, it is also important to clean up after the party.  Make sure that your computer that opens its door to the games online stay clean and appropriate.  Take the basics steps to clean up after yourself.  Log out of the gaming site, clean your history, delete your cookies, and empty your recycling bin before shutting down your computer.

Extra steps to take for better security and are safety measures would be to perform a virus scan to ensure no viruses downloaded onto your PC and cleaning out your download folders.

Play safe or safer.


Nintendo 8; sitgame/529/cyberball/; Verified 04/24/13.

My Football Games; NFL Rush 2 Minute Drill;; Verified 04/24/2013

Abdool, Kamini K; Index of Football Video Games;; April 15, 2013.

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Index of Football Video Games

kamini04131 By Kamini Kandica Abdool

It’s about to begin….. my investigation  of Football games… video games that is. This time, I thought to put it all down…. write it out… my feelings, my process, everything I do to put it together.

Why?  Because these days its hard to find tme to write, to reserach, to put my thoughts together so the idea came together for this series.   My research, “Football Video Games” and here is the index to where my research begins:

These are the games on my list why?  Because these are the games that have been popular for years but are also the games that have shaped the ways of football these days and have had an effect on cyber safety.

What does footbal have to do with cyber safety?  More than you know and this series if articles is to address these and other security issues .


Category:American football video games;; Last Edit, March 25, 2013

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