Traffic Connections Movement to the Road of Better in Technology and Industry

By Kamini Kandica Abdool

“The most important parts of building a multiple office network are manageability, performance, and reach.  If the information cannot be reachable to manage appropriately, then it becomes unusable. Performance then becomes one of the necessities to make networks reachable to manage data appropriately.” (Abdool; 2013)

The mere mention of cars, technology, or people these days brings up the topic of traffic.  Traffic is really important to most because of the risk associated with it when it’s heavy. It brings out a very big problem – congestion.

Mainly the problem is subsidizing industry is delayed because of congestion. Traffic and space are also an issue for the same reason – congestion.

Now that the issue is noticed to be congestion, solutions can be found to alleviate those pressures for society, globally. For example, Hong Kong and other cities in China just received contracts for industrial car and chemical factories but there is little room for them in an already in-spacious cities with high populations. Congestion here can be caused by reduced space and the thought is that building upwards would resolve the issue but really is causes more congestion around and upward as well.  Careful planning needs to be the solution to incorporate environment and safety controls ie. trees.

The same reasoning can be used to compare congestion in the Tech-industry.  Congestion can appear in networks through routers, clouds, and other storage mechanisms.  Very rarely do people pay attention to maintaining space – really they focus their attention to the server and manage failovers to notice if there is a problem.  Truthfully though, people archive and use space all the time, backups move that data to servers and not much of it is maintained by proper safety and space management which causes congestion.  A cleaning schedule should be made to give those issues attention to promote and allow for better safety, faster and more reliable networks, appropriate storage and less hazards.


1.     Abdool, Kamini, K; Testing For Networks, Interfaces, and Exchanges;; November 13, 2013


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