Testing for Networks, Interfaces and Exchanges

By Kamini Kandica Abdool

The most important parts of building a multiple office network are manageability, performance, and reach.  If the information cannot be reachable to manage appropriately, then it becomes unusable. Performance then becomes one of the necessities to make networks reachable to manage data appropriately.

Peer to Peer MovingMotorcrossExchange

i.e.  Referencing  the diagram above, the peer-to-peer network can be the subject with the Motorcross Exchange as the example for the purpose of this article.  With consideration to a peer-to peer network, the moving to a more separated or distant network will require much groundwork including testing.

Single office network:

    Single Office Peer-to-Peer Network

With reference to performance and scalability, existing computer and network environments, planning for growth and change is a costly and time-consuming effort. a successful organization must be able to readily and cost-effectively scale. To data center users, applications services are the means to an end. (Juniper Networks Inc)

Same goes for Exchanges like the Motorcross Exchange which is world-wide and made of networks for different types of racing such as NASCAR, Formula 1, Indy Car, Moto-Cross Bikes etc., but testing and networking begins from a single racetrack migrating to various others through mitigated rules provided by the Exchange.

Single Racetrack

The planning of such a move to network to multiple offices or global networks or exchanges requires carefully situating the necessities for the move, equipment, and testing. Reliability and performance depends on positive outcomes from testing however this does not always occur. The outcomes of testing, based on regulations can change the course of the migration to multiple networks from a single-one.  ie. more rules may apply.

For testing to be the reasonable means to manage, the rules and regulation must remain at the main console (Examples: Main data center; Motorcross Exchange) The build of the networks can move from there into day to day activity surrounding and situated by the regulations created by the main console to keep everything fair. Fairness is then distributed down to single parts of the network to manage fairly and securely by keeping in place always the regulations needed to be compliant to the regulatory bodies of agencies that manage the Exchange or main console ie. data-center or racetrack.

Testing is needed to keep offices and official places intact and readily available for work.  Once testing is complete with positive, reliable, available and correct results, work can take place.  For this reason testing must always be done to keep up to date the rules and regulations needed for work to occur. (ie. test the car to make sure it works before taking it to the track.


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