Tag Team Racing – What’s Not Legal About Exhibition

kamini research writerBy Kamini Kandica Abdool

A famous video game came up in conversation today, it’s called “Crash Tag Team Racing”.  Why is this important, it’s not the game itself but what it reminded me of, “Tag Team Racing”- An illegal move in NASCAR racing that showed up in a qualifying sprint race recently.

I was sitting trying to figure out what was wrong with NASCAR racing these days. When I thing “Exhibition” I used to think “Monster Truck Jam” and now I see NASCAR cars in the dock and think it. I kept saying “Exhibition” “Exhibition” but had no real evidence to back it up.

Recently, I also said that video games changes the way athletes engage in their sport, and now with recent events with Martin Truex Jr, Clint Bowyer, and Ryan Newman, I have a chance to discuss both.

Exciting is what the crowd wants and exciting is what the players expect of a video game. The events of the Chase Sprint earlier in September described an event that would not normally occur in NASCAR racing and is a direct violation of the regulations of racing. ku-bigpic - travis okulski

Dangerous it is and is called “Tag Team Racing”

Exciting as it looks, stunts like tag teaming, dives, jumps and others like you may seen in displays such as “Monster Truck Mash” or video games that are considered “Exhibition” stunts or moves are not legitimate circuit driving moves because of how dangerous they are.

transformers on racing

transformers in the race

How about “Transformers”?  Like “Transformers” the cartoon, there is now “Transformers Racing” the video game.  Exciting, and fun as it is, the moves of the characters bith good and evil are not the same as they have in regulated racing yet, many people play and are attractive to that type of racing.  (It’s one of the reasons for “Exhibition Racing” live “Monster Truck Jam”)

5 Illegal Moves noticeable in the pics above that have recently been seen in NASCAR, one caught the attention of the regulators:

Piling – When multiple cars clump together to stop others from passing or taking a lead, done without le-way

Tagging – When a team mate motions another team mate for a head up, requests a pass, or giving away the lead ( ie. “watch it here bud, looks like a land mine”)

Tag Teaming – when one car and driver tries to pass a spot to another driver that might be his teammate, to stop another car and driver from getting it (ie.  whether on purpose or not – incident with Clint Bowyer and Martin Truex Jr, where Ryan Newman almost lost his spot)

Pushing – Pusposefully heading another driver off the road

Bumping (Tailing) – Where the term bumper to bumper traffic might have come from.  It’s bumping the guy in front of you on purpose, not fun but this can happen:

KYLE BUSCH IN KANSAS Hence the reasons why safety rules and regulations are in place.  Optimal results in examples:

1. Martin Truex Jr.  disqualified from the race in which him and his team-mate Clint Bowyer made a “Tag Team” pass and entry

2. Mark Webber of F1, received a 10-place penalty, for picking up a lift from another car.

3.  ie Like Kyle Busch’s car above, the car and driver are removed from the race for presenting a danger in the park.

It is important that the regulators in any sport notice, report and regulate such incidences, as while my examples show up in a cartoon, they also have been noticed on the track all across the motorcross racing platform.


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