The Importance of Parental Consent and Fantasy Games

By Kamini Kandica Abdool

video game picFantasy Games are everywhere online and they sound so exciting. Usually they have to do with football or at least the most famous ones do but recently I’ve been playing one that reminded me of a game that I would have wanted to play when I was a kid.  It’s Fantasy Live! on

The game is exciting and simple to play but have definitions that to me would require parental consent and supervision to play.

The game offers a disclaimer that states that you must be more than 21 years of age to enter but it had other key words that made me more attentive to the needs of those that are younger than that.

“No purchase necessary to enter or win.” reminded me of a contest.  Like the “Under the Bottle Cap game from Coca-Cola”.

Open to legal residents of 50 states and DC. (Might be important to someone outside of the United States.

Employees ineligible for prizes (meant to be that people are excluded from winning prizes and could be excluded from the game completely)

Specifically though, “Immediate family members (defined as parents, children, siblings, and spouse) and household members (living in the same household for two or more months in any calendar year, whether or not related) of such persons are also ineligible to win any prizes.”

“Void where prohibited or restricted by law.” (anyone outside of the US cannot expect cash, money, checks or prizes)

“Privacy policy located HERE”…. Privacy invasion violates the game.

Because these issues took time for me to understand and make decisions for myself, I realized that these are rules that kids might need explained to them before the play. Me, a person for cyber safety, decided to make the suggestion every time I posted a note to advertise the game to my audience. Reminder – Fantasy Video Games already have a M for Mature from the ESRB, but still the ESRB has no regulatory commitment to fantasy online games, forums, or contests.  The parents are generally the ones responsible for curtailing their children with in person information and decisions.

This, not your typical video game is based on a website, is a fantasy game, and is accessible to children, teens, and young adults in the same way that streaming radio is.

Disclaimers are pop-ups that adults and kids ignore all the time but when it comes to games,  they’re important to read to understand the consequences.


Rules – NASCAR Fantasy Live 2013 Game;


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