Issues That Prevent a “Fair Game”

Kamini at ABC stopBy Kamini Kandica Abdool

In every game there are rules to follow. They are important because they help form boundaries to guide a game or tournament to be fair. A fair game is the expectation of every one and proportionately, the best chance that everyone has to win.

Obviously, I will be using for my example video games but in any instance of any game can relate to the same basic reasons can stop or prohibit a fair game. Some popular issues that affect a fair game are drugs, gambling, and giving up the moves (game plays).

Illegal Moves – Are all those moves a part of the game?  Especially in video games, many antics are made up to make the game more exciting than the real game and at times they include moves that cannot partake in the real version of the game.

Example 1: Double jump up air kicks are exhibitions moves for soccer and show up in FC13 but are not allowed in the real game.

Example 2: Racing games also have mixed in many exhibition moves but NASCAR regulation states that car should stay grounded on all four wheels throughout the entire race.

Exhibition moves, when used in regular game scenarios are considered illegal.  As a matter of fact, this goes unknown many times athlete’s that play video games tend to use such moves and get fined, pulled, benched, or deregulated for their actions. In all fairness, the rules say that those moves are unfair, so they should stay out of the game, thus fair game takes place.

On Purpose Fouling – Very sensitive game moves are “Ball” in Baseball; “Foul” in Basketball; and “Hug” in Football.  hey are all very classy moves but all is misused or done purposefully outside of regulations, disrupts a chance for fair game.  For that reason, those are moves that are very stringently regulated by officials to stop misbehavior and keep in play a fair game.

Harrassment – A big deal to everyone is when harassment throws the game.  Haggling, an exaggerated form of cheering can get out of line and stop the game.  Haggling is illegal, is present at gaming stadium and is usually okay, but it not regulated cheering.  A mild form of haggling can be like “boooo….” but an extreme form can be like cursing.

This happens not  just in the stands but online as well, in video game forums, where it seems difficult to regulate but can easily be stopped with a simple request or a click of the “Report” button.

When someone harasses someone on behalf of another, it can stop the game and the team responsible can be fined and penalized and so can the offender. Whether it be online or in the stands a fair game is important and unfairness should be reported.


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