Business Continuity Means Better Data Management

Photo0388F By Kamini Kandica Abdool

Business continuity is an important part of business but has shown a reasonable amount of importance in the IT sector as of recent.  The plan to globalize IT and its securities appropriately form the basis for IT business continuity yet it depends of the resolution of many issues that continuously multiple at a high rate.  Ie data.

A big dilemna in IT that disables business continuity and abruptly stops the activities of industry many times is management of data. So much is available, including the data retrieved, the data needed and the data provided, yet it is difficult to manage and keep tidy (numerous meanings here for tidy – virus free, findable, appropriate and correctly archived public, private, confidential and personal documents.) Reasoning at best would have thought about that you thought but might have missed the opportunity to do so at the time.

Luckily, times have changed.

This be the reason that data management is such a concern and initiative.  In an attempt to provide a solution to manage Symantec, Trend Micro, Microsoft have come up with better hardware and software to help manage and distribute better data in a more organized manner.

Examples are Virtual VMware, a means to save big data without hard drive problems, overheating or bad disks. Symantec Data Insight 4.0 that helps to organize and use normally unused or hard to find data within a company’s infrastructure.  Microsoft’s Cloud technology is a solution that offers a secure option for virtual storage and management.

This allows for data – a fundamental variable in business, policies, and security, to provide better business continuity – safety, security, and better manageability.

Data and management overall, presents a better opportunity for business continuity because, it is the necessity. With proper management of data, transitions occur faster, better, and more understandable. Data, with the values it provides even as one vast database, with proper management with solutions as VMware, Data Insight and various Cloud solutions can create a system that provides a model not just for business continuity but for security and exchange as well.


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