Rules and Regulations for Games – Compliance Check


By Kamini Kandica Abdool

It is thought that all games have the same rules and regulations but they don’t.  In the same way that soccer and football have rules that are different, video games and its sporting equivalents have slightly different rules as well.

Strange to think I know because the video is a mimic of the real game it is thought but not so.  Very different and where?  The tricks, the moves, the times, and the hustles.

I read recently of 4 instances where players became ineligible and cause their teams to forfeit or be suspended from FIFA and wondered why?  What changed?  Why so many illegal moves in a game with so much integrity and skill.

Stranger things have happened but one reason can be the movement of players plays from the field to video games.  Video games change something for the game and the players – The Rules – how and why?

1. Video games are sometimes made  to cater to the gamer not the player.  The games setup to be simpler than the real game because the gamer, not the league or the player is in charge. This changes the rules somewhat because a line of symmetry bends, it opens up a venue for change, a way to make things a little different, a way to change the rules they say but I say—– bend, a way to bend the rules.

Going back to the game on the field with bent rules can sometimes be the reasons for mistakes that go unnoticed, or violations that occur.

Games to pay attention to:  FIFA 13, FIFA13, PES 2013. Why because players may play they  games as they are leagues recognized and commissioned.  There, in the video game, they might find excitement or recognize changes that take back to the field – but it may or may but be according to standard.

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