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kamini in NY monday 60913 By Kamini Kandica Abdool

Hot Press Games in the market.  Disney is coming out with “THe Lone Ranger” and its supposed to be the top marketable one but it came with a notice that bothered me.  The Rating……

E10+ Cartoon violence as a rating.  Not exactly.  Disney Matured and so did the rating! Hey, maybe that should be the rating.  (For More Info and to share opinion contact the ESRB).

Another game module that is about to come out is PS4.  That’s great but I’m not too enthused.  Do you have to quote cliches when you blog.  I want to use one but I’m scared I might mess up my integrity.

I’m not enthused because the release changed another thing unexpectedly.  The boundaries that persist.  Exciting that there are new boundaries that new to be explored but these boundaries are not the ones that worry me.  As a matter of fact, right now I worried about the gaming network, technology, and components of the games themselves.

New games are coming out and changes are being made to the system that helps to monitor and control the requirements of gaming but right now I feel as if the are still finding a spot for the little more violent game by adding a new rating or upgrading a new level to the game station and offering it a little push to move up instead on on with the general population of end users.  For many reason. one being gaming addictions, the upgrades of games and gaming station should be an important discussion between parents and their kids.

Cyber safety is important and reducing the hazardous effects of entertainments offers better cyber safety.


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