People Hack Interactive Technology

IMG_20130927_130057By Kamini Kandica Abdool

Lately, the world of Interactive Technology has seen many hacking attacks and attempts to attack Interactive media.  Cameras, phones, movies, and especially video games.

The opportunity is for this type of hacking opened up in 2003 with the invent of TV tuner cards that connected computers and TV together.  The first up in technology to connect to the Internet, TV opening up a window for hackers o reach the technology and media of TV.

Some of the reasons are to speed up the system, steal information, menace, and upgrades. Like viruses, update files also have a means to enter systems and cause problems, the same way they enter, they tend to leave, except, they take with them system ID’s and other information that may be important to the end-user.

Many overclocking sites have tips on how to speed up a computer, and one is to upgrade the chipset driver, a simple hacking technique. Many times however, hackers illegal ones also attempt.  They use the driver file or BiOS update to download a virus or a file to keep the access windows open.  These actions affect the system software and hardware is the way that TV was hacked by a computer.


Another interactive technology that was hacked and is still being hacked is radio.  Ever heard of satellite radio?  Satellite radio started off as a hacking piece of hardware specifically put together to reach out and retrieve (in the beginning illegally) radio data and footage. Now a Sirius company exclusive product, was once the way that hackers stole information.

What starts of as a joke or menace, sometimes end up in unique opportunities in technology as with Sirius radio, but many times, the actions of hacking are more than menacing, they can cause harm, loss of information and are actions that are subject to jail time if caught.

Sirius is one example of hacking producing something cool but another with much more serious consequences is the recent current event of Alaskan middle school students who used a phishing scam to hack their own computers with an admin password released by a teacher.  The consequences have not been determined as yet but definitely if found guilty, these teens could face jail time as well as have to pay fines.  This joke, became a menace and then menacing causing damage to school property not to mention egos and integrity.

Another thing to know is that these crimes are ones that cannot be expunged from records because they affect multiple users across wide platforms and the consequences as termed such actions based on the number of those affected. Please report all hacking attempts that are illegal and know to you.  Calling the police puts you on the right side rather than the wrong and will be a more gainful experience for you than joining those that are menacing.


Harper, Michael; 18 Alaskan Teens Use Phishing Scam to Hack School System;; May 3, 2013.


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