Gaming Today: Where’s the Excitement

Remember “Mortal Combat” and “Street Fighter”.  How about playing “Pacman” on an arcade station, as a matter of fact do you remember arcades.  Before there was Dave and Buster and Chuckie Cheese that was where kids went to have fun.

These days kids rarely visit the arcade but have their own at home gaming station with either X-Box, Nintendo, or Playstation. Good in a way but it takes away from the excitement.  Parents tend to recommend these types of entertainment for their kids rather than those outdoors for safety reasons but at times these types of games have  more of a risk those at the arcade.

Parents should know the risks of this type of entertainment as well as outdoor types so that they can make a reasonable recommendation to their kids. The things to consider when making these decisions are:

1.  Amount of time that is spent on the computer or playing games already.

2.  The experiences that might come about from that type of activity.

3.  Is it a hindrance to better education?

4.  Is it fun?

5.  Is this something that the parent and child can do together?

Many times, children, teenagers, and young adults find it boring to sit in front of a computer all day.  Think about the amount of time you the parent spends in front of a computer at work.  Is that what you want when you come home as well?  Involve your children in the decision of entertainment.  Find out what they like and dislike.  Maybe a combination of home station games and arcade games would be more suitable.  These days many kids stay at home to play games because they have them even if they’re disinterested.  An introduction to other types of games and gaming might provide better and more fun than home entertainment.

You may have to go with them but, so what…. it might help you remember a favorite thing or two from your childhood that you can share with them.

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6 Responses to Gaming Today: Where’s the Excitement

  1. I agree 100%. Parents can’t completely wean their kids from gaming, but they shouldn’t force it onto them either. Like anything, it all requires moderation.

    If you would like more on the subject, please visit my new gaming blog, Feel free to stop by.

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