Cool New Fixture, New Torture Included: The Dilemnas of Video Game Mayhem

by Kamini Kandica Abdool
“Torture fantasy – free download – (130 files)
Results 1 – 10 of 130 – torture fantasy download on search engine – 016 … world of warcraft wow wrestling writing wwe x xbox xbox 360 xbox live …”
break link reference– Cached (Google Searched Ad, 6/29/2011)
This is ad the shows up on Google from a download site for video games, tips, cartoons and fantasy files. Normally for any video games module that promotes Final Fantasy, these downloads are now available for XBox 360. Microsoft just got started promoting XBox 360 and put into circulation over a million systems and now these downloads are available. The parents that buy these games feel that their kids are receiving a great gift that offers them a new favorite past-time. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. As this article will discuss, these illegal downloads and share sites offer modules that are free and encourage real-time fantasies and addictions.
On a chat board at, the post began:
I quit FFXI a year ago, when I started graduate school. Things have been great since then. I’ve lost 60 pounds…i’ve started hanging out w/ real people…doing things outside of my room. I have not had an urge to start playing again…until this past week. My brother visited for Christmas and New Years, during which he spent some time playing FFXI on the PC he brought with him. I was drawn to it…seeing the images from the game brought back a flood of memories from when I used to play. Ever since then, I’ve just missed the people I used to play w/ online…and I am REALLY close to bringing back my account online and reinstalling the game…” (Anonymous User; Sepharon; 2007)
Final Fantasy came out a few years ago and brought about many restriction in the video game wold that are used to curtail addictive behavior and set new standards for games that have addictive qualities and repercussions. A few years ago, the situation with Final Fantasy became out of control, with the game showing its qualities in real life with kids attempting to make their fantasies and battling a reality in a school environment. Yet all the articles are gone. The cleanup occurred for the manufacturer but the addicted populations are still feeling the pain.
The definition of “addiction” is the state of being enslaved by something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming (such as narcotics), to such an extent that to discontinue the habit or practice can lead to severe trauma. In other words, you love something so much that you have developed a habit of using it or playing it to such an extent that not doing so leaves you feeling cranky or nervous, and you are becoming disinterested in other areas of life.” (Hadley, Maluniu, Mr handsome, Username152; Harri; last edit 2010)
This also describes the hazards of gaming addictions and how to curtail the behavior. The dangers of video game addiction is evident and the manufacturers are aware of the potentially hazardous information that they circulate. On several occasions the game has been recalled but the only information on when is usually found on a chat and no actual information from the company or recall reasoning posted. The threat here is to the gamers online that become addicted and then realizing the effects in their real lives. So what options are available to stop this from happening? How do we cure the game addiction that creates a plethora of fantasy options that facilitate neurotic behavior in real life? Right now it seems like some chat boards like offers support to those that want addiction. While some stay in continuous therapy to help break their addiction.
A few articles appeared online and offer advice on how to break the addition. Which is great but the addicts are not the only ones affected. The one above by Hadley, Maluniu, Mr handsome, Username152; Harri is a good one that gives tips to help break the game addiction. The link is It seems these days that the family members and friends of those affected and also threatened by this fantasy like life. Myself and others I know are concern especially with ads contributing XBox to the fantasy game environment.
People I know are still to get me to be more video fantasy oriented and I still refuse. To me abstinence is the way out of this but does everyone feel this way. I know for sure many people want to think that their support is enough to get their friends and family out of this addiction but at times, the effect is so hash that they accidentally get reeled in themselves and the situation becomes worse.
It’s hard to believe that people can get caught in this fantasy type of world and become addicted but its true. I had a very personal experience with this when I had a boyfriend. He had and still has a stalker that is deeply involved in fantasy and tries to fulfill her fantasy relationship. To date, I’m still not allowed to discuss my relationship with my celebrity ex because the other person is that persistent and hurtful to me and other relationships that he has. I tried to help this my ex-boyfriend out of this but was overwhelmed by the amount of time that it took and still takes to encourage this situation to an end. This person’s fantasy dream world became our nightmare.
We are people that care and want XBox and other video hardware to as safe as possible for kids and adults alike. Please follow carefully the directions to secure the environment. Use the games that are authorized according to age level and ratings. Don’t purchase an be abstinent if you feel like purchasing the module will be addictive. Deter from going online to dowload sites such as Bit Torrent and FileTube for the torture and fantasy downloads by blocking this content through Internet Options on your computer. If you feel that you are not safe enough, get someone you trust to block the content with a password that you don’t have.
You can also connect the Xbox solely to television rather that a PC and read the security precautions associated. This is definitely an issue for parents to discuss with their children. When attempting to research the hazards of games that you purchase like Flight Commander and Final Fantasy, any version because it might be detrimental for you and affect your and your family’s personal, and professional life.

Google Search:break link reference only: ; Final Fantasy Download; Verified 6/29/20 (The author does not condone or encourage downloads from this site, this a mere reference as to the content that is circulated)
Olganon. com Chat Room;; Anonymous Blog; 2007
How to Break a Final Fantasy Addiction; ; Hadley, Maluniu, Mr handsome, Username152; Harri; last edit 2010


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