Computer Piracy in the Carribean and it has nothing to do with Johnny Depp and his new movie….

On the movie list “Pirates of the Carribean,” is out and just about the same time piracy in the Carribean erupted. Computer piracy that is, and Johnny Depp is not involved, as a matter fact, in this real life scene, he is not a pirate. Are we investigating the torrid past of Johnny Depp? No we’re not, but the character Jack Sparrow is making headlines in the cyber crime sector and it’s only fair to acknowledge that there is no evidence that Johnny Depp is not a computer pirate nor is the character he plays. Yet the comparison in the article, “Piracy Carribean to the Cubicle,” by Jordan Christiansen, illustrates a good example of piracy and uses this particular character to compare.
There’s Jack Sparrow, and then there’s the guy in the office next door. While Captain Jack may seem to be more of the swashbuckling type than your typical coworker, most modern pirates are more likely to be found in a cubicle than in the Caribbean.

This is true, piracy is a common problem these days and found commonly in business to business environment or in the cubicle right next door. So let’s discuss it. Before you go about questioning your co-workers and raising mass hysteria about who did what, when, wherem and how, let’s dive a little into the topic of computer piracy and the dilemna that software manufacturer’s like Bill Gates and Microsoft face.
Why is this a problem? This is a problem because these companies lose millions of dollars each year because of piracy and we, the honest comsumers suffer at the cost of that by paying higher prices for software. How mush do we pay? We pay hundreds while those that steal pay less than $100.00 and receive the same value as we do. Pirates tend to look for popular softwares to hijack and sell. The risk is really high but the payoff for them is higher. So how do they get away with this? They get away with the white-collar, high market crime by moving the stolen software to placed like Bermuda and other parts of the Carribean to make it more marketable to unknowing consumers. The problem is that these consumers are unaware and have to deal with the after effects of software infringement and a lot of times the penalties as well.
How is piracy being dealt with? In terms of software piracy, Microsoft is pioneering a campaign against it by reaching out to end-users that have pirated Microsoft software on their desktops. They copyright and patent all of their software and give their consumers a chance to improve their situation by offering them an opportunity to purchase the legitimite software online and fix the problem. As for the criminals themselves, the attempt to arrest those responsible but it is a difficult effort most of the time but with continuous reports of how the software is distributed, the police are sometimes able to arrest and fine them.
Once caught, the punishment fully fits the crime and those convicted, are fined highly at times and face terms of up to five years in prison. RE: “Microsoft Piracy Bust” to paraphrase, Wired magazine’s news feed, in the summer of 2000 where the Philadelphia police found over 8000 copies of pirated software and made the arrest. The real article describes the fines and the severity of the actions of these pirates and the terms of their arrest are close to those described above. (; Wired Magazine; 2000) According however, to the software piracy FAQ’s, “In the US, the infringer could be fined up to $250,000 and jail terms of up to five years. Retrieved from the World Wide Web, July 21, 2002.” ( )
Piracy is a dangerous and high casualty crime because it effects all of us and brings miserable consumers effects as evidenced in high prices. Piracy in general is frequent in the Carribean but software piracy is as well. The length from modern technology in these regions create the gap between the commission of crime and the arrest of such criminal. In the recent past and the cuurent present, much has been and is being done to bring attention to such crimes and encourage arrest. Report this crime if you are ever a victim and try to work with the manufacturer and the police to resolve the issue, protect yourself and arrest the criminals guilty of committing the crime.
With this in mind, I might venture to the movies to see what the real Johnny Depp is doing in his new movie, what do you know? it’s … “Pirates of the Carribean 3.” I’m excited to see what he’s up since I fell in love with him a long time ago when he was just Detective Hanson on “21 Jump Street”. Meeting over and over again in my imagination must stop, I thought then and wanted come to an end every time I ventured out towards the movie theater . He is one of my favorite people and I want him to do really well in the box office.
Don’t want to sound like a critic, the movies are not my forte but computers are and it’s high time to notice the high cost in these crimes. The FBI is a resource willing to help and is pioneering with efforts in the cyber crime divesion.  Let’s pioneer ourselves away from cyber crime and piracy and enjoy the fulfillment of safety online, and in our own private spaces, with families and children of course.
References: ; The Software Piracy FAQ’s; Search verified 5/25/2011.; Piracy FAQ’s; Search verified 5/25/2011.; Piracy and Privateering in the Carribean; Henry; 2011; Search verified 5/25/2011.; Piracy: From the Caribbean to the Cubicle; Jordan Christensen; 2011; Search verified 5/25/2011.; Tech Biz News Feed; Wired Magazine; 2000; Search Verified; 5/25/2011.


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4 Responses to Computer Piracy in the Carribean and it has nothing to do with Johnny Depp and his new movie….

  1. Doe DiCaprio says:

    Hi Kamini !
    Hey, nice article. I wanted to talk with you about it but not on here. Why don’t u change your settings on your facebook page so that people can send u messages on there !

  2. Antoine says:

    J’aime vraiment votre article. J’ai essaye de trouver de nombreux en ligne et trouver le v?tre pour être la meilleure de toutes.

    Mon francais n’est pas tres bon, je suis de l’Allemagne.

    Mon blog:
    Credit immobilier aussi taux de Rachat De Credit

    • merci. Je suis Guyanese. Johnny Depp est American. Le parle l’anglais.

      Just kidding. I speak English and Spanish too. I write better in Spanish than I do in French. I’m glad you like my articles. Cyber crime is what I research.

      Please keep reading

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