You’re Not the Only One…. Cyber Crime Victims are Taking Charge

Little by little I’ve been attempting to define cyber crime in the articles that I’ve been publishing. So far it’s been determined that cyber crime includes hacking, virus distribution, spamming, identity theft, and cyber warfare. The frequency of attempt against the unknown victim is very high and most times it is to generate income for a potential business or scheme. Very rarely, is it a hacker practicing his skills on the other end while the unsuspecting consumer takes the blow. I’m not saying that that doesn’t occur but most of the time, the attack is planned with money as a payout in mind and very definite impact specifications. This is why this is a crime. The FBI also knows that and so do many victims.
Evidence to consumer complaints making a difference are the following headlines that recently appeared on the FBI website.
Recently in the New the following headlines appeared:
05.11.11 New York: College student charged in counterfeit online coupon scheme.
05.09.11 Houston: North Carolina man sentenced for attempting to hack ATMs.

These cases are great examples of the damage that cyber crimes can casue and shows that the FBI really pays attention and offer support and prosecution in these instances. As consumers we have resources available to help us facilitate the progress in such investigations. The safest thing to do is to contact your provider, be it internet phone or internet, and notify them of the problem so that an investigation may start. The most important thing to say to you, the audience here now, and in the future is, “Do not be afraid to say to your ISP, “I think my computer is being hacked and my family or business is suffering’ “. Letting them know right away will help them troubleshoot the issue with appropriate consideration and escalation procedures.
With this in mind, may you and your computer enjoy each other’s company in the near future and son’t forget your resources. Additional resources and references are available below.



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