Spam Search, Engine adds- Excuse me ads, delivers messages, seeking you

Ask Jeeves, Lycos, WebSearch , LX Quick, My Excite, Bing, Metacrawler, Google, MSN, Dogpile. Something catastrophic might be happening……ooohh what a story, the internet is capsizing with heavy, heavy traffic, to your home. How, through your computer. The introduction of high-speed and wireless became a major innovation in the Millenium but brought with the speed the disaster of high traffic. Depending on the search engine that you choose, you might get that an a thousand other responses that duplicate yours and others’ information. Sounds like gibberish? Not at all. This happens to millions of people everyday and at a higher price than they know. The cost is loss of privacy and possible identity theft along with viruses, slower internet responses, and frequent pop-ups.
Issues that result in spam, usually begin as an email or as a pop-up ad, especially for home user. Pop-ups are such a dangerous issue because it leaves you susceptible to other potential invaders with more serious results. The ad create an input to your desktop, almost like an outlet that allows the invader to plug-in to your desktop whenever the pop-up appears. Spam usually appears later and distributes a virus so that the ad or spam can stay on your computer longer. This is not only against better bureau practices but is also illegal. The problem is that people forget to report this issues or become frustrated and get a new computer. But the potential hazards still exists, it exists on your network. Once the invaders find you once, they’re able to find you again.
Some of these issues are easy to resolve and some will have to be repared continuously over a longer period, possibly years. The best way to avoid all this issues is to practice abstinence. Don’t frequent sites where pop’s hide out, typically and most often these are pornographic or dating sites. They tend to remind you over and over again that you were curious and try to coerce you it trying again. If abstinence is not working and you accidentally come across a pop-up, protect yourself the best way you know how by running a virus scan to make sure your system files are data are intact. Next, open your browser and enable the private browsing. This may not get rid of all pop-ups but it will certainly reduce the amount that you receive. You may also tailor your security settings to restrict those sites with violent and sex contents which will also reduce the risk to being invaded. But these are minor compared to the long-term effects that you might face.
Thinking long-term, the effects can be detrimental. Notice, I don’t have any jokes this time? I don’t because this is serious and it is a cyber crime. Once hackers have your IP, and this can be done through spam, the potential for them to steal your identity is high…… like red zone high. I know for a fact that this occurs. I had charges on my credit card and an erroneous name on my credit report to prove it. Being a victim is one of the reasons why I’m so adamant about protection. After all these years, my credit is still not fully repaired and my accounts have to still be monitored for any potential threats. Protect yourself by cleaning your computer, and contacting the authorities to report theft and your anti-virus company to report viruses. Keep your antivirus updated always and inquire about your options to know the potential risks and course of actions.
Most companies are willing to offer advise and furnish you with a secure way to report the crime. Your ISP is also a good resource. If you become a victim of identity theft or privacy, contact your ISP and change your IP information. You may also make it private and exclude it from the internet ensuring a better and safer trip to the internet for you and your family.


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