Password Fun Missed the Catastrophe

As with any other new or old technology, safety is important and in the world of IT and technology, a good password is necessary to encourage that. But how do you ensure that your password is secure enough? is long enough? is short enough? Some of this is for your IT professional to figure out – the schematic – but the rest is up to you to you. Most people choose password that are easy for them to remember like birthdays, anniversaries, their maiden name… But there are other ways to create stronger passwords that are easy to remember. Here, you can get wild, rumble around, and have fun doing it. Have as much fun as you would choosing that new wallpaper for your desktop or exploring ideas for your computer background. This makes it easier to remember and might even give you a little chuckle as you type it in every morning (I do the same thing with my socks when I anticipate a bad day ahead, I wear them mismatched).
Not that I told you that, my article should end, right? Ahhhhh, no. Not at all. Now that I told you that, let me help you explore the endless possibilities to help protect you and your work environment by using a password. Most work environments provide a template for password creation rather than assigning a one. The template that they offer gives you the guidelines to be creative and also to choose a password that will help deflect a potential intruder. Let’s talk about the fun part first. Get wild! Party! Yeh. Make it a joke; i.e. “pinksocks baby” (sorry I have this thing with jokes and socks) or “oreocookieshakeissotasty” or even better, be savvy and type in a “didihavebreakfastyet”, and show that you’re work smart and thoughtful to yourself. If available according to your template, password can also help you look forward to something, like “happyhourthurs”, that’s a great one, a friendly reminder that you have time to unwind soon.
Now that the fun times are on their way…. let’s get to the better actions to ensure good times ahead. We mentioned earlier on that hackers, hijackers, and other intruders are constantly circling the web looking for potential opportunities. If there is a potential risk to your desktop and you are aware of it, remember your It rules. Contact your IT department before they have to contact you and notify them of the situation so that the potential risks can be evaluated and the right actions are taken to rectify the situation. A good working relationship with your IT staff can prevent security and identity theft and help ensure a more secure budget for issues such as these. If appropriate add a workflow for reporting such issues within your team and appoint the responsibility for check with the IT department to minimize the risk to yourself and other staff members. As a matter of fact, passwords are a great way to protect against such attack.
Now lets tackle that intruder or intruders and explore how a good password can help…… we know you intruders are out there and if you’re reading this and you’re on my computer, please get off, thank you. (Had to get that off my chest, ugh, I felt about 10 pounds just drop off). Back to the innocent end-users, have fun for yourself and boost your confidence in your work environment. If you feel like you’re at risk of having your computer invaded or threatened by the possibility of an attack or hijack, you can change your password to something like “bewaremyitcancu”. Let them know that you report suspicious activity and that your IT department is there for you and is there to help you. Password like “iseeu4xaday” or “goodbyebadguy” not only helps to stop the bad guy but also sends a message to your IT department and they might be able to flag and stop that attacker by recognizing your password in use at odd hours. If the attacker is attempting to steal your finances or identity information, better passwords might be, “icanseeyou”, “myispmonitorsmyemail” and one of my favorites, “!@u“, it’s one that I use frequently, it gives me time to think and the attacker time to back away knowing that uhhhh! I exclaimed at the thought that they might intrude on my privacy.  Or, if you feel confident enough to investigate, contact your ISP and request the monitor while using a password that identifies you and requests information like “iamkaminiwhoareyou?” might be suitable. Your ISP can flag all attempts and help you report the crime which might you feel a little more in control and safer from such threats.
Passwords and meant to help you feel safer and more secure about your information at work and also ensure your privacy a little more. Whatever the reason and whatever the password, I hope the one you create is good enough to make create better bonds….chuckle chuckle (IT joke) and better working relationships with co-workers and IT professionals in your environment.


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