Virus Alert!!! Security please!

by Kamini Kandica Abdool
Security please!!!!!! I have a virus alert and I don’t know how to get rid of it. Sounds like a disease manifesting itself into a plague, no? Or is it more like an irate intruder harassing you in a public place? Believe it or not, it’s both. The world-wide web is a public place and viruses are a disease that infects not just your computer but, invades your privacy, and can even steal your identity.
With a virus being such a threat, I’m certain that you’re wondering why it’s not a crime.It is, or it can be. A virus can be distributed by parties that are considered to be cyber-terroristic and then they become a threat to you and your household. But let’s leave that to the FBI shall we? Let’s focus on how to prevent those attacks and the measures that you the end-user and IT staff can take to ensure better security and safety for yourself and others in your network and around you.
Security please! Security please! After building a brand new computer with most updated OS….hahaha just kidding. That’s Bill Gates ad Microsoft getting to me again. There, they got a plug, not just one, he and Microsoft are important in the security of your computer. Whether you use a MAC or a PC, Microsoft and their software updates enable better security for your computer because the support privacy and help create better protocols for blocking web assailants in your home and business environments. So use that Microsoft update, it’s free of charge and will keep you safer.
In addition to the Microsoft updater, you also should implement a spam blocker an antivirus software to reduce the risk to your environment. Stopping potential hackers from getting to the doorbell is now the key, let’s protect the door and the doorbell please!!!!! I feel strongly about that because my doorbell receives a lot of traffic once in while and right now it’s protected. Symantec is a really good antivirus and have a low-cost. Most people these days wants an antivirus that’s free but, it’s hard to find one that’s comes with optimal integrity. For me, trend micro offers the best one, House Call. It’s specifically for single uses and uses their server online to scan your computer. The benefit of using house call, is that you update their virus database with new potential risks and hazards which not only protects you, but your neighbor too.
How are we doing so far? We loaded up all those update and setup or antivirus right? I hope so….. Next step to protect against viruses are to change your security settings to block potential intruders and identity thieves. It’s really simple to do and even for a home user. Simply open your internet explorer and select Tools> Internet Options and the Security tab. Firefox has the same options except that it’s labeled Options instead. In these tool menus, you are able to tailor your browser to accept the level of safety that you feel is safe enough for you and your family or business community and that is the benefit.
If you are still being bombarded and you feel that your computer might become hazardous, make a phone call to your ISP. You pay a service fee and part of the package is security for you. The company is required to address your needs and a phone call to them might bring a resolution. While they’re there, inquire about other options to improves your security and also about how to report assailants and attackers. They have the low-down on what’s a crime and can help supply you with evidence to get them arrested or fined.
Great resources for you as mentioned are:
Microsoft update:
House call:
Symantec Antivirus:


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