Don’t Let IT Manage you, Manage It

In IT (Information Technology) it is very easy to become misguided in performing a specific task. Like in the case of this current project for instance, I’m consumed with ideas, procedures and functions to write about. Should I write about the various catastrophes that have mismanaged me in the past or the dilemnas that prodded me back to school and wanted to encourage out of the IT field? Whatever it is, I decided one day to take charge of it, the force presented by IT, the issues that dwell secrety inhibiting our computer awaiting the opportunity to fumble out of control. I was once a pro at computer mayhem and disorganization and these day I write about fixing them. From pro to disaster to professional versed in disaster recovery, it not good or bad advice but better organization in management that brought me there.
The first thing to pay attention to when tackling your IT task is “the task at hand.” If you can’t remeber why and what you’re supposed to do. Take a minute to think about it and write it down. Manuever around throughout your day with trusty little notebook that can help your memory and bring you peace of mind as well. One disaster down, and a gazillion more to stare at. You think? Maybe not so dismal of a future after lnowledge comes into play. As they say, “knowing is half the battle”, then you have to tackle the other half.
Let’s believe them that knowing is 50%. With that we know that we’re halfway to where we need to be. And it is half, 50+50=100 divided by 2 = 50; means that 50% is 1/2. Now that we know that and we can prove it with the math, concost an equation for success by delivering just on your deliverable and negating to surpass them. Do the task as requested and complete is accurately and deliver. You’ll meet the criteria and won’t sound like the overbearing know-it-all that realizes that your office might be an open war camp. In addition to settling your paranois and showing effort, it might spur ideas for future tasks as well as concretely deliver you a function. A resume bullet for you? Perhaps, but also the comfort in knowing a part of your function.
Not that you’re safely in seat at your desk and don’t expect to be a job hunter in the near future, create a procedure and if the task should be a recurring on, indicate that and create a schedule if possible. Many tasks, especially in a Windows environment can be scheduled. Backups and maintenance procedures are some that are schedulable are clear up time on your schedule to tackle other issues that might surface.
These are short examples on your to develop a better work ethic and help you develop a more a better way to tackle your IT tasks and potential issues. You might encounter a few opps! and some oh no’s! along the way but for the most part, completing your assigned tasks and scheduling other into a work flow will help to create a better plan for disaster recovery and manageable work requirements for you and your peers.
Thanks to the witers of cliches for “the task at hand” and “knowing is half the battle”, I want to give you credit for your beautiful words but unfortunately, I’m only able to quote you.


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