Traffic Connections Movement to the Road of Better in Technology and Industry

By Kamini Kandica Abdool

“The most important parts of building a multiple office network are manageability, performance, and reach.  If the information cannot be reachable to manage appropriately, then it becomes unusable. Performance then becomes one of the necessities to make networks reachable to manage data appropriately.” (Abdool; 2013)

The mere mention of cars, technology, or people these days brings up the topic of traffic.  Traffic is really important to most because of the risk associated with it when it’s heavy. It brings out a very big problem – congestion.

Mainly the problem is subsidizing industry is delayed because of congestion. Traffic and space are also an issue for the same reason – congestion.

Now that the issue is noticed to be congestion, solutions can be found to alleviate those pressures for society, globally. For example, Hong Kong and other cities in China just received contracts for industrial car and chemical factories but there is little room for them in an already in-spacious cities with high populations. Congestion here can be caused by reduced space and the thought is that building upwards would resolve the issue but really is causes more congestion around and upward as well.  Careful planning needs to be the solution to incorporate environment and safety controls ie. trees.

The same reasoning can be used to compare congestion in the Tech-industry.  Congestion can appear in networks through routers, clouds, and other storage mechanisms.  Very rarely do people pay attention to maintaining space – really they focus their attention to the server and manage failovers to notice if there is a problem.  Truthfully though, people archive and use space all the time, backups move that data to servers and not much of it is maintained by proper safety and space management which causes congestion.  A cleaning schedule should be made to give those issues attention to promote and allow for better safety, faster and more reliable networks, appropriate storage and less hazards.


1.     Abdool, Kamini, K; Testing For Networks, Interfaces, and Exchanges;; November 13, 2013

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Perspectus or Perspective

kaminiincar4091313By Kamini Kandica Abdool

Given the overview that work takes, it is important to get a perspective or to define it get a long term projected view of what the outcome should be.  One the job is created and functions are available, the perspective deserves a prospectus, or rule-book to decide, distinguish, publish, administer and use the rules in application.

The term prospectus is one that the financial network uses to describe the terms and agreements as well as the assets of a financial package or service but other rule-books can be termed a prospectus as well.

The best way to describe a prospectus and the need for it is, “an overview of your business and the purpose of the prospectus, what you need from investors, your business goals, and how you intend to repay your investors. The beginning of your prospectus serves as a mission statement and an outline for the body of information that will follow.” (Farley)

The prospectus is important in compliance, foreign policy, networking and exchange because it is the – its important for understanding the guidelines, the reason why, and also the how, what, where, and when. By Fawn Farley , last updated January 29, 2012 August 14, 2013 by Sam Miller

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Testing for Networks, Interfaces and Exchanges

By Kamini Kandica Abdool

The most important parts of building a multiple office network are manageability, performance, and reach.  If the information cannot be reachable to manage appropriately, then it becomes unusable. Performance then becomes one of the necessities to make networks reachable to manage data appropriately.

Peer to Peer MovingMotorcrossExchange

i.e.  Referencing  the diagram above, the peer-to-peer network can be the subject with the Motorcross Exchange as the example for the purpose of this article.  With consideration to a peer-to peer network, the moving to a more separated or distant network will require much groundwork including testing.

Single office network:

    Single Office Peer-to-Peer Network

With reference to performance and scalability, existing computer and network environments, planning for growth and change is a costly and time-consuming effort. a successful organization must be able to readily and cost-effectively scale. To data center users, applications services are the means to an end. (Juniper Networks Inc)

Same goes for Exchanges like the Motorcross Exchange which is world-wide and made of networks for different types of racing such as NASCAR, Formula 1, Indy Car, Moto-Cross Bikes etc., but testing and networking begins from a single racetrack migrating to various others through mitigated rules provided by the Exchange.

Single Racetrack

The planning of such a move to network to multiple offices or global networks or exchanges requires carefully situating the necessities for the move, equipment, and testing. Reliability and performance depends on positive outcomes from testing however this does not always occur. The outcomes of testing, based on regulations can change the course of the migration to multiple networks from a single-one.  ie. more rules may apply.

For testing to be the reasonable means to manage, the rules and regulation must remain at the main console (Examples: Main data center; Motorcross Exchange) The build of the networks can move from there into day to day activity surrounding and situated by the regulations created by the main console to keep everything fair. Fairness is then distributed down to single parts of the network to manage fairly and securely by keeping in place always the regulations needed to be compliant to the regulatory bodies of agencies that manage the Exchange or main console ie. data-center or racetrack.

Testing is needed to keep offices and official places intact and readily available for work.  Once testing is complete with positive, reliable, available and correct results, work can take place.  For this reason testing must always be done to keep up to date the rules and regulations needed for work to occur. (ie. test the car to make sure it works before taking it to the track.


Juniper networks, Inc.; Cloud Ready data Center Network Design Guide;; 2012


Wikimedia;; 2003-2012

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Situations That Need Intervention – Safety

kaminifaceimage101613aBy Kamini Kandica Abdool

Motorsports include racing cars, several kinds, and motorbikes also several kinds. The overall system just described has a role and the function of it is to keep the rules and regulations as well as guidelines to take part in those types of sporting event.

This may seem redundant and was probably previously discussed but is still important for change to occur and with resolution as the end result.  Actually redundancy is important in technology and in public safety.  Redundancy in technology is defined as a way to foolproof your network setup.  It works with an identical or other identically setup for function computers that you can use in the event the one you’re using fails.

Based on a switch-on/ switch-off method this system really works and has been for a long time. The theory is:

“Without redundancy, the system downtime depends on how quickly you can:

1.      Detect the failure.
2.      Diagnose the problem.
3.      Repair or replace the failed part of the system.
4.      Return the system to full operational status.”  (National Instruments)

Cost is sometimes a factor but the importance is the reliability.  Keeping all the mediations, interventions, litigation, and arbitration, in mind, we can look to redundancy as an important concept in comparison for making things work.

When public safety is compromised all of the above is important and important is also to have a fail-over disaster recovery system in place.  These systems not necessarily described as redundancy systems but might also be referenced as com-pliancy journals or competency booklets are important to recognize the function of a particular segment of the overall scope of the business or venue.

Important are:

  1.    Safety
  2.    Reliability
  3.    Sufficiency
  4.    Sustainability

When someone’s safety is compromised, it is ethical to consider mediation.  I went to a race in Dover and an accident occurred, a fan in the stands fell over 6 flights of stairs and was severely bruised.  How that was resolved, I don’t know but I do know that that may have been a situation that required mediation, or it might have led to litigation (that’s where the lawyers get involved). Keeping in place the responsibilities of the venue, gives proper decision making authority to someone that can mediate that type of situation, can make a decision about what should be ensued and what can be compensated – an intermediary role per-say.

Here the requests are:

  1.    Acknowledgement
  2.    Acceptance
  3.    Responsibility

And the courtesy would reciprocity but professionally through mediation, arbitration, or litigation.

Recently, in sports there have been many situations that have required intervention not mediation.  Examples are recent (2013) deregulated players from FIFA; disqualified drivers in NASCAR, drivers that received penalties in F1, and football player that have been suspended for technical fouling. Public safety is again one of the factors when these issues occurs. These though, are other situations that compromised safety and the intervention came as a call from the referee  made with reference to the type of offense as described in maybe a competency booklet or rule-book.

Penalties issued by:

  1.    Finding
  2.    Fouling
  3.    Penalizing

Another compromise to safety is a violation and tends to be present at the venue.  It might have even been the violation that compromised a fan’s safety that caused a fall, or that missed the mark but wasn’t fixed on the track before the race and it caused a lift, a height, or sway. Who is it then that makes the call on these situations that shouldn’t be mediated or arbitrated but required to be fixed?  Here’s because it’s the venue, it becomes the inspector.

Parts of the whole system:

Regulatory Body (Rules, Regulations, and Guidelines Issuer)

  1.     The actual place and space for use venue
  2.     The crowd venue
  3.     The Showcase (cars, performers, athletes, teams,trainers, managers, team leaders)
  4.     The Recoverers (The Investigators, Mediators, Compliance Officers, Arbitrators, Litigators, and Inspectors)


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Tag Team Racing – What’s Not Legal About Exhibition

kamini research writerBy Kamini Kandica Abdool

A famous video game came up in conversation today, it’s called “Crash Tag Team Racing”.  Why is this important, it’s not the game itself but what it reminded me of, “Tag Team Racing”- An illegal move in NASCAR racing that showed up in a qualifying sprint race recently.

I was sitting trying to figure out what was wrong with NASCAR racing these days. When I thing “Exhibition” I used to think “Monster Truck Jam” and now I see NASCAR cars in the dock and think it. I kept saying “Exhibition” “Exhibition” but had no real evidence to back it up.

Recently, I also said that video games changes the way athletes engage in their sport, and now with recent events with Martin Truex Jr, Clint Bowyer, and Ryan Newman, I have a chance to discuss both.

Exciting is what the crowd wants and exciting is what the players expect of a video game. The events of the Chase Sprint earlier in September described an event that would not normally occur in NASCAR racing and is a direct violation of the regulations of racing. ku-bigpic - travis okulski

Dangerous it is and is called “Tag Team Racing”

Exciting as it looks, stunts like tag teaming, dives, jumps and others like you may seen in displays such as “Monster Truck Mash” or video games that are considered “Exhibition” stunts or moves are not legitimate circuit driving moves because of how dangerous they are.

transformers on racing

transformers in the race

How about “Transformers”?  Like “Transformers” the cartoon, there is now “Transformers Racing” the video game.  Exciting, and fun as it is, the moves of the characters bith good and evil are not the same as they have in regulated racing yet, many people play and are attractive to that type of racing.  (It’s one of the reasons for “Exhibition Racing” live “Monster Truck Jam”)

5 Illegal Moves noticeable in the pics above that have recently been seen in NASCAR, one caught the attention of the regulators:

Piling – When multiple cars clump together to stop others from passing or taking a lead, done without le-way

Tagging – When a team mate motions another team mate for a head up, requests a pass, or giving away the lead ( ie. “watch it here bud, looks like a land mine”)

Tag Teaming – when one car and driver tries to pass a spot to another driver that might be his teammate, to stop another car and driver from getting it (ie.  whether on purpose or not – incident with Clint Bowyer and Martin Truex Jr, where Ryan Newman almost lost his spot)

Pushing – Pusposefully heading another driver off the road

Bumping (Tailing) – Where the term bumper to bumper traffic might have come from.  It’s bumping the guy in front of you on purpose, not fun but this can happen:

KYLE BUSCH IN KANSAS Hence the reasons why safety rules and regulations are in place.  Optimal results in examples:

1. Martin Truex Jr.  disqualified from the race in which him and his team-mate Clint Bowyer made a “Tag Team” pass and entry

2. Mark Webber of F1, received a 10-place penalty, for picking up a lift from another car.

3.  ie Like Kyle Busch’s car above, the car and driver are removed from the race for presenting a danger in the park.

It is important that the regulators in any sport notice, report and regulate such incidences, as while my examples show up in a cartoon, they also have been noticed on the track all across the motorcross racing platform.


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Organization in Mechanics of Sporting Administration – Racing as the Model

Kaminiatsummerstagebandw3By Kamini Kandica Abdool

Sporting administration is one of the most important parts of compliance in sports. The rules and regulations are reviewed and observed there. It’s the inspector that shows up with the checklist, it’s the mechanic and the tire guys, the cleanup crew, and even the guy that blows the residue off the track after your fast race car pulls off.

Is this where it starts arbitration? Every environment needs an arbitrator, whether it be driver who needs to know the rules, the pit crew who tells the driver that the part doesn’t work, or the manager that can’t come to a reasonable resolution. Is this where compliance begins?

Since I started with racing, racing is a good model to expand on. Who is there to arbitrate the matters of the race? The matter of the grounds? Well, it starts there.

The ground work for racing starts there, in the garage on the ground. Here the configurations of the car, for the car start, the crew is scheduled, engine is checked for “compliance” to the race, the models and shapes are measure, the wind in the wings get a check, computer checks for spills, holes, or bubbles, and everything else that goes along with checking that car! The inspector here would be the arbitrator.

Is the arbitrator the administrator? For compliance reasons, at that juncture, he is “the” administrator, the one that monitors, looks for errors, reviews the specs and spokes…. and then reports it. Will it be in time for the race, for time trials?

Maybe, maybe not…. another arbitrator or is it the same guy? Hmmm…. many times, sporting administration is a group thing, an effort of more than one persons. Their main purpose is — compliance where the checkpoints distinguish their roles.

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The Importance of Parental Consent and Fantasy Games

By Kamini Kandica Abdool

video game picFantasy Games are everywhere online and they sound so exciting. Usually they have to do with football or at least the most famous ones do but recently I’ve been playing one that reminded me of a game that I would have wanted to play when I was a kid.  It’s Fantasy Live! on

The game is exciting and simple to play but have definitions that to me would require parental consent and supervision to play.

The game offers a disclaimer that states that you must be more than 21 years of age to enter but it had other key words that made me more attentive to the needs of those that are younger than that.

“No purchase necessary to enter or win.” reminded me of a contest.  Like the “Under the Bottle Cap game from Coca-Cola”.

Open to legal residents of 50 states and DC. (Might be important to someone outside of the United States.

Employees ineligible for prizes (meant to be that people are excluded from winning prizes and could be excluded from the game completely)

Specifically though, “Immediate family members (defined as parents, children, siblings, and spouse) and household members (living in the same household for two or more months in any calendar year, whether or not related) of such persons are also ineligible to win any prizes.”

“Void where prohibited or restricted by law.” (anyone outside of the US cannot expect cash, money, checks or prizes)

“Privacy policy located HERE”…. Privacy invasion violates the game.

Because these issues took time for me to understand and make decisions for myself, I realized that these are rules that kids might need explained to them before the play. Me, a person for cyber safety, decided to make the suggestion every time I posted a note to advertise the game to my audience. Reminder – Fantasy Video Games already have a M for Mature from the ESRB, but still the ESRB has no regulatory commitment to fantasy online games, forums, or contests.  The parents are generally the ones responsible for curtailing their children with in person information and decisions.

This, not your typical video game is based on a website, is a fantasy game, and is accessible to children, teens, and young adults in the same way that streaming radio is.

Disclaimers are pop-ups that adults and kids ignore all the time but when it comes to games,  they’re important to read to understand the consequences.


Rules – NASCAR Fantasy Live 2013 Game;

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